We all have had bad days in our lives, but have you ever stopped and really thought about how you could have changed it to become better? Think back to your last bad day and re-live it in your mind. Did the day become bad and turned out to snowball to a worse situation? Many times, this happens, due to our thoughts! Since we create our own realty, we start to project more negative thoughts and thus the day becomes worse! It’s the Law of Attraction! However, there is an easy way to get around this which I like to call it the “reset button.” Think of the reset button like the “easy” button on the Staples commercials! You are literally pushing this button in your mind and “resetting” your day! It is a simple and easy process!

All you must do is a few simple steps!

  1. Take a few deep breathes!
  2. Clear your mind of the negativity of the day!
  3. Push the reset button in your mind.
  4. Start to think of something positive, or play some uplifting music, or find something that makes you laugh! Anything like this that can change your frequency to a positive one!
  5. Thank the Universe for 3 things that you are grateful for!


Once you have completed these steps, pay attention to how you are feeling now! You should be feeling much lighter and more positive! If you start to reel in the negativity of the day, go back and repeat the steps! The reset button is an easy way to get you out of the funk and back on track with the good! Try it and see! You will be amazed by the results.