Have you heard the term Psychometry and what does this mean? Psychometry is defined from the Greek words meaning “soul measure.” Mediums use psychometry to assist in “feeling vibrations” off a physical object. By touching or coming in contact with a physical object, the medium is then able to reading the “vibrations” of energy that it contains. This information can be valued as “seeing a glimpse” into the individual that is being read. It also assists in giving characteristics of that person and their surroundings.

Objects Contain Our Energy
Since all physical objects contain energy, all energy is stored in every object for up to lifetimes. Many people experience this with antique objects. Sometimes people feel the energy emitting from an object that belonged to a loved one or someone else. This is not uncommon and in fact is definitely the case. When we touch, hold or wear an object (jewelry), we are basically putting our energy or “fingerprints on that item. We are “imprinting” our vibration on to that object and it can hold this imprint for eternities.

How Does Psychometry Work?
Psychometry works by combining the energy of the object with the impressions that it emits to the Medium. The Medium is “tuning” in to this energy and is able to then discern the information. Since all things are made up of energy or “matter” these vibrations are easily accessible to the Medium. To demonstrate, I hand over my keys (object) to the medium and place them in his or her hands. The medium then reads the energy (vibrations) that the keys contain and is able to give me information about what is happening in my environment.

Psychometry Used as a Tool
Psychometry is a wonderful tool for Mediums to use to assist in tuning in to a persons background. By holding an item of the clients, the Medium is able to receive this background information. This also lets the Medium tune into the client’s energy and gives a quick synopsis of what is happening in their environment. Since you now know how psychometry works, try practicing with a friend’s physical object that they give you. See what energy or vibrations that you tune in to or pick up on. You may be amazed with the information you receive!