Have you heard of a psychic vampire? What does that mean? A psychic vampire is a person who feeds off your life force energy. Basically, they drain your energy emotionally and suck it from you. Other terms for this can be energy vampire, energy sucker, or energy drainer. These “vampires” unknowingly drain someone’s energy and time, then “use” it to raise their vibration.  It is a person who loves drama, wants attention and the spotlight and most likely plays the “victim role.” These types of people have the ” woe is me” syndrome and always seem to need “help.” But do they? Often than not, they don’t! They are using you and your energy to take for themselves and suck you dry! Do you know someone like this? I know I do, mine would be my mother. She loves the spotlight and is always playing the victim as she is so “needy” as everything revolves around her. It is literally exhausting being around her.  So how do I combat this? Here are some tips!

  1. Set boundaries! If you know someone that is an energy vampire make sure you limit your time around them. Do not let them dictate the conversation or put any demands on you. Remember, it’s about you and not them now! Don’t let them “feed” off your energy.
  2. Know your limits! If you feel you can’t be around this person than don’t! Your energy level may not be at its highest! If you are feeling tired or not feeling 100%, then stay clear as they will drain you more.
  3. Send them love! When we send love to others it’s a higher vibration, the ultimate vibration. When we come from this standpoint, hopefully this will help them to start to raise their energy and get out of the funk.
  4. Be compassionate! Just know that these types of people are unknowingly doing this to others. Having compassion allows you not to get sucked into this lower vibration and energy. Remember, you can’t attract in things you do not match up with, think The Law of Attraction!
  5. Ask the Angels! Always use backup and ask the Angels!  The Angels can do more than we can and work behind the scenes for us. Ask them to help “wake up” this individual, so they can see the behavior they are displaying, so they might then change this behavior.

Finally, if you do have someone in your life that you feel is a psychic vampire, take some of these steps above to remove yourself from them. Remember, knowing is power! Now that you know what a Psychic Vampire is, I ask you, what are YOU going to do about it?