I blogged about Psychic Vampires and now I wanted to expand on this with Psychic Attacks.  What is a Psychic attack? When a psychic vampire is sucking your energy, they are depleting your life force supply. This can become harmful as you are zapped. Here are some signs that a psychic attack is occurring from a psychic vampire.

What are Psychic Attack Symptoms?

  1. You feel dizzy.
  2. You feel tired or weak from the loss of life force energy.
  3. Aura is dim.
  4. You are experiencing headaches.
  5. You are irritable or moody. You are now on their energy vibration.
  6. You physically feel sick.
  7. Sleep issues.
  8. Mental fogginess.
  9. Feeling low or depressed.

Tips to Protect Against a Psychic Attack.

  1. Ask to be surrounded in the golden white light each morning. Think of this as a big bubble surrounding you.
  2. Be aware of the people you are surrounding yourself with. If you know a person is a psychic vampire, set boundaries and limit your time around them. If you need to be around them, coming home and take a shower or sage yourself. These are great clearing mechanisms.
  3. Use crystals for protection. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, smoky Quartz and Jet. Also having a piece of rose quartz will help to bring in love to balance the negative energy.

Lastly, when you are involved with a psychic vampire in a psychic attack, just know there are some gigs you can do to combat this. Use these steps above to not only get you of the situation but ultimately to help you maintain your life force energy. When you are at that higher vibrational frequency that is what you bring in, which is the good and positive stuff!