Many people have grown up with the concept that it is “better to give than receive,” however the concept lacks the most important part that talks about having balance with giving and receiving! Just as important as you give, it is also important to receive.  Both concepts of giving and receiving are EQUALLY valuable!

Issues that Arise When You Only Give!

  1. You become depleted or exhausted!
  2. You become resentful!
  3. You can be vulnerable to health issues!
  4. You invest in others by not yourself!
  5. You are off balance!

The Benefits of Balancing both Giving and Receiving

  1. You will be refueled and replenished! You will actually have more energy for you!
  2. You will be happy for others as you will be for yourself!
  3. You will be able to open up pathways for yourself. You will be able to achieve and imagine what you have been helping others do but you are doing this for yourself too!
  4. You will be balanced! Your energy will be free flowing and many positive things will now come to you!

Lastly, when thinking about giving and receiving I want you to think about this concept. When giving to others don’t you just feel good, warm and fuzzy? If you do not allow someone to give to YOU, in turn you take away their joy and happiness (this warm and fuzzy feeling) that they would have received if they gave to you! Isn’t this an interesting concept?