I was listening to a podcast from Jay Shetty and he was discussing how people think.  Our thoughts are constantly flowing in our minds, each second of the day. What you think is what you get, it’s the Law of Attraction. It is like a magnet; you pull in what you are thinking. However, one must remember that each thought that one thinks, brings in something good or bad. In Jay’s podcast, he had a great analogy of this, plant a seed, not a weed. In other words, think of things that you want to grow. If you are thinking of good things, you are planting a seed of a beautiful idea. If you start to think of things you don’t want, you are planting an idea that becomes a weed, a problem. This analogy is a great one because it really makes you stop and pay attention to your thoughts.  Keeping your thoughts positive, brings in positive results. Remember it takes 17 seconds to put an idea into action. If you happen to start to create a negative idea, remember you can cancel that thought. Just go back and say that idea is canceled and override it with a positive idea. Remember you are the creator of your world! Ask yourself, are you planting a seed or are you bringing in a weed? It is up to you, plant wisely!