Are you one of those people that try to control things? Do you have to worry about every nick and cranny out there? Or are you one of those people try to control what others should or shouldn’t do? If you are, here are some things that you can do to break the habit!

  1. Breathe! – Take a deep breath and move that funky energy in the body. Then think about what you wanted to control. Most likely you will not want to control it as much.
  2. Sleep on It– Go to bed and sleep on it. This way it will give you some time to let go of your thoughts and emotions, to see things with a clearer mind.
  3. Take a Walk– Get out in nature and breathe in the fresh air. This allows you to clear your mind.
  4. Exercise- Go out and get some exercise and put any controlling thoughts into that.
  5. Meditate– Sit back and meditate. This allows you to calm yourself and bring in peace.
  6. Play Music– Playing music is a higher frequency, which will help you to forget that you want to control.
  7. Laugh- Having a sense of humor and laughing at the situation, will help to break the feeling of wanting to control.

Lastly, choose a few of these things above, which can help you to relinquish control. Letting go, allows you to see things with a different perspective. This new view can help you to focus on things that really do matter, and not the small things that you are controlling.