I wanted to blog about Past Life Relationships as we all have them and all experience them in our daily lives. What are Past Life Relationships? Past Life Relationships are relationships with people that you have known before from other life times, and you are meeting up again this in current Earth School The reason you have these relationships is that you decided, before you came to this current life on Earth, to contract with these different individuals. These contracts are to work out things that were not resolved in previous lifetimes. How do you know if you are having a past life relationship with someone currently in your life? Well, this is a good question! First, do you feel comfortable around this person, like you have known them before? It is like an “ease around this person, they just seem to get you and know you. Second, do you feel like you can’t walk away from this relationship (no matter what kind of relationship this is)? This relationship could be a lover, parent, co-worker, sibling etc. It is like you put up with more stuff/issues than you would with any other relationship!  Sometimes, clients will tell me that they can’t bear the thought of not being with this person or around them, even though the relationship is just awful. The thought of losing them is too much to handle! If you can answer yes to these questions, chances are you have a past life relationship with this person! I always say to clients that past life relationships are to “Meet up, Clean-up, and Move on.” You are to meet up with these people to work out differences, understand and learn from them, which will help you on your path ahead. These relationships are meant for you to see a bigger picture, learn, and provide change in your life. Now, the learning can be a good or bad experience, so I want to let you know this. However, no matter what you are learning, just know you are ultimately cleaning up karma from previous lifetime(s). Many times, in romantic relationship settings, you might be the person that must walk away from this current relationship in this lifetime. Why? Well, it could be that in the past life your partner walked away from you and now you must walk away from him/her so that you both can see and feel it. Think of this as the flip side of the coin, you must see and feel both sides. So, if you are experiencing a past life relationship with someone currently in your life, ask yourself, “What am I learning from this relationship?” When you are aware that this is a past life relationship, this is one of the biggest steps to working through this old karma. Once you clean up the karma you won’t have to do it again, which is a wonderful thing! However, I do know that these relationships are hard and they can drain you, but just know you can do it as you signed up to work on this contract! Now, I want to point out, sometimes clients ask me, “What if I don’t want to walk away from this person?” I always tell them that they have a choice because we have “free will.” You don’t have to however; the relationship will always be pushing up against a mountain or brick wall. It won’t change no matter what you try to do! This is because you contracted to clean it up. So just know this! But no matter what you decide, just know that you have known this person before and that you are both learning from each other! I would ask you to find out “What am I learning?” This is the key to understanding why you are meeting up again with them in this lifetime!