What is a Ouija Board
The Ouija Board is defined as a “spirit” or “talking board” that a person uses to contact spirits from the other side. There are two pieces to the Ouija Board, the flat board and the planchette. The board is flat and contains the alphabet, 0-9 numbers and the words yes, no, hello and goodbye. It may also contain the symbols of the sun and moon. The planchette, which means “little plank” in French, is a separate piece made of wood or plastic, and functions as the indicator to spell out  messages on the board. This plank piece usually looks like an upside-down heart and has two or three small nubs or wheels on the bottom. This allows the planchette to be able to move easily over the board.

How to Use the Ouija Board
The first thing I would do is to “clear the board” and ask for spirits from the pure white light to come forward. This will offer protection to the participants that are using the board. Next, a person or persons starts by asking a question and then places their fingers on the planchette. The planchette will then move to spell out words. It can also point to the numbers or other words, such as yes. Have a piece of paper and pen ready, as you will want to write the letters down so you can read the message. After all the questions are asked, “close down” the Ouija Board. Ask for spirits from the pure white light to surround you as you close the board. State that you are finished asking questions, thank the spirits and then move the planchette over the word goodbye.

What is the Difference between the Ouija Board and an Angel Board
I have used both boards and I would have to say it comes down to your intent as well as, the” level” of spirits that come through. What I mean by level is that spirits have different tiers of experience. The Ouija Board tends to attract “low level spirits.” These spirits can be mischievous and some can attach to living people. The Angel Board attracts “high level” spirits that know your questions are in need of spiritual assistance. These spirits are closer to the “Divine” or “Higher Source.”

Final Thoughts
I haven’t used the Ouija Board since I was a child. My mom used the Ouija Board on weekends with her friends for entertainment. They would allow my sisters and I to use them in their “séances” in our house. I saw some very scary things as a child due to this. As a result, I learned to respect the Ouija Board and I know that it is NOT a toy! My sisters and once saw a table actually levitate and slam back down. We had items go missing, lights turning on and off and several things move in front of our eyes. After so many incidents, my mom tried to burn the Ouija Board and planchette in our wood burning stove. Well wouldn’t you know, neither of the pieces burned! I still remember my mom pulling them out of the wood burning stove the next day and throwing them in the trash. My sisters and I believe these negative experiences occurred because our mom never brought in the pure white light or closed the board down properly. To this day, my sisters and I have never used a Ouija Board again. After everything that we encountered, we know what “level” of spirits it can conjure up and what it can do to your environment! When using the Ouija Board know what your true intention is! If you are using the Ouija Board with several people, make sure you know their intentions too. By inviting in positive spirits and energy, you will receive pure messages. The Ouija Board can be a useful tool to receive messages, however it always needs to be respected. By understanding more about the Ouija Board and rules to follow when using it, you will be sure to avoid the type of problems I encountered as a kid.