What is Numerology? Numerology is the study and knowledge of working with certain numbers or sequences of numbers. The number 9 in numerology is associated with wisdom, integrity, humanitarian, consciousness, and completions. Think of it this way, when you count, after nine you start again with the number one which is ten, a 1 and a 0. When I think of the number 9, I think of it as a cycle, when something is ending for me, this would be like an end of a chapter of a book. You could also think of this as reaping the rewards of everything that you have put effort up until now. You could think of this as the fall, reaping the rewards in September, again a “9,” a good harvest for what you have planted for the year. Another way I associate this number with is my life path number, which I am a number 9. I am here to work with my “highest integrity, to align their life with their heart’s intuitive wisdom, and to inspire others by example.” In a life path number of a 9, you can be considered an “old soul” and have been working up to this point. You might have completed 1-8 life path numbers, and are working to achieve the next highest one! This life path number allows one to now be the teacher, assisting others on their path for enlightenment. One other way I think about the number 9 is in the tarot deck.  This number 9 card is associated with the hermit. The hermit card represents taking time to meditate, spiritual teaching, and self- discovery. When I draw this card, I know that I need to be more introspective and to meditate. This tells card tells me to work on these areas to achieve inner wisdom. I can then also use this inner wisdom to teach others this information too! No matter how you view the number 9, just know that it is a wonderful number that brings forth some type of ending. This is always welcoming, as there is rebirth that will be following, a transition into the new. So, I challenge you to look in your life and see what the number 9 means to you! Try it, you will be surprised at how accurate it is and how wonderful the use of numerology is!