I have blogged about Numerology before and today I wanted to share with you what the number 2 represents.  The number 2 in numerology is associated with partnership, balance and teamwork. When I think of the number 2, I think of a scale and how it shows balance between two things. Another way to think about the number 2 is it can be a duality. So, think of positive and negative or love and hate. It is the balance of both dichotomies. I also like to look at what a number means from the Tarot. The number two is the High Priestess and this card signifies using one’s intuition to get around situations. The reversal of the card talks about the secrets that are being hidden from you. Now, if you think of this number for your life path, what is associated with this number 2, is to be a motivator or creator. No matter how you choose to look at the number 2, remember it is associated some type of balance. So, I ask you, what do you need to “balance” in your life?