What is Numerology? Numerology is the study and knowledge of working with certain numbers or sequences of numbers. The number 1 in numerology is associated with being independent, leader, self-sufficient, or the start of something new. When I think of the number 1, I think of a new beginning or birth of something. You are starting to “plant” the seeds to start to grow something. Another way to think of this, is the month of January, this is the start of the New Year! We always talk about New Year’s Resolution and what we are going to start to do this year. One other way I like to think of the number 1 is in the Tarot. The number one signifies the Magician. This card indicates that you are creating something new! Anything is possible when you get this card, as you are the creator of your reality! Now, if you think of this number for your life path, this is associated with being number 1, natural leader, hardworking, passionate and anything that puts them at the top! No matter how you view the number 1, just know that it is a time for a new beginning. This is always a new welcoming, as it brings something to life to make it grow! So, I ask you, with January being the number 1 month, what seeds are you going to start to plant this month?