There are many different choices of people to choose from when looking to have a reading performed. Many times people do not even realize that there is a difference! I have heard several people lump mediums and psychics in the same category and they don’t even realize that they have different abilities. I wanted to explain the differences and what information to expect when receiving a reading from them.

What are the differences between a Medium and a Psychic?

Before I breakdown the differences between the two, I wanted to first point out that a Medium IS a Psychic, however, a Psychic is NOT a Medium. This is especially important if you are intending to connect to a loved one from the Other Side.

A Medium is a person who can “channel” information. Channeling means receiving information and messages flowing through their mind, like a telephone. Some people will call this “telepathy.” These messages can come from Loved ones from the Other Side, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Saints, Angels and Archangels. I like to say this is your Spiritual Counsel!

Mediums also can receive information “psychically’ too! They can pick up on a client’s energy using the different “clair’s” that they posses. Here are the different clair’s which include:
1. Clairvoyance– Seeing within your 3rd eye.
2. Clairaudience– Hearing within your mind.
3. Clairsentience –Feeling within your body.
4. Claircognizance– Knowing the information that is given.
5. Clairgustance– Tasting food in your mouth.
6. Clairalience– Smelling aromas around you.

A perfect example of a Medium would be Theresa Caputo. She is on the hit show “Long Island Medium.” If you have ever watched this show, you will see that she channels peoples Loved ones from the Other Side. Sometimes you can see her using her “clair’s” when she is describing some too. She even talks about her “symbols” of pictures she sees clairvoyantly and what that represents to her, as she gives this message to the client.

As mentioned above, Psychics are NOT Mediums. They don’t have the ability to connect to the Other Side or Spiritual counsel. A Psychic is a person who only has the ability to receive “insight” using the clair’s listed above. Psychics are able to “fine tune” the information given as they are able to pick up on “extra-sensory” or “beyond our normal senses” of things. Psychics process this information given and then pass this information on to the client. Psychics also need to use “logic” to relay the information received. Once they receive the information they then have to decipher pictures or symbols, words, feelings and sounds etc. Logic is used on when deciphering these things. To demonstrate, a psychic sees a balloon via clairvoyance. The psychic then decides that the balloon means that the client is having a celebration of some sort and relays this to the client. Some psychics may use a type of “tool” in their work such as, tarot cards, oracle cards, ruins, crystals or pendulums. These “tool or tools” help to assist with their “clair” ability, enhancing a reading for the client.

Final Thoughts
With the information provided above, you can now decide which type of reader you are looking for your reading. Having the basic knowledge as well as what to expect in a reading, will ultimately help you get the reading you desire!