I have blogged about several types of manifesting, what to manifest, how to manifest and also manifesting money, and manifesting money 2, however I wanted to give you another blog on manifesting for your business. I have been truly blessed to be able to help people with my business. I always like to share what I know with others, so here are my tips on helping to manifest for your business!

  1. Think in terms of How May I Serve- When you come from this thought process of how may I serve, one is coming from the place of “service.” What this means is that you are here to “help” others versus coming from the thought process of “what is in it for me.” The Universe provides for you 10 times more with you come from the serving standpoint.
  2. Using Power Codes for Abundance- I blogged about “power codes” and “power codes 2” which are gate codes to the Universe. Evoking the power code for Abundance which is 10 x 2 can help to bring more abundance to your business. You could also use the power code 5 x 1 for financial abundance for your business too!
  3. Asking Archangel Uriel to Assist- Calling upon Archangel Uriel to assist in making your business flourish. Think of him as the sun, he comes in to make your business grow if you ask him! I always ask him to bring me 2 new clients each and every day and he does! Ask him to make your business a “gold mine.” He cannot help you unless you ask him!
  4. Thinking Positive brings Positive Results- Remember your thoughts are so powerful so always thinking that my business IS going to be successful. This is the “Thoughts Using the Laws of Attraction.” Positive thoughts bring positive results!
  5. Letting go of Fear! – If you are fearful that your business is not going to succeed or you are worried about it, then you are bringing in what you don’t want! Change your thoughts from fear to love and that automatically raises your vibration and good things than can come to you!
  6. Having Your Heart Chakra Open – If you heart chakra is not open or has blocks, this will detour a free flow of abundance to come to you. This includes having a successful business with abundance coming in. So make sure that it is clear for the energy to flow! You can clear your chakras in my blog “chakras 101.”

Lastly, when manifesting things for your business, remember to remain positive and upbeat that things are good and successful. Keeping a positive outlook and taking the steps above will help to attract in the abundance that you are looking for! Remember it all starts with you, what are you going to manifest in for your business?