Today I wanted to discuss that our loved ones that have passed are always with us in our daily lives. Many times when I give readings, the clients are surprised that their loved ones know what is happening in their lives! They are shocked and look at me asking how I know this information. I tell them that their loved one has told me this detailed information and to pass on to you! There have been many instances where a client just had a discussion about a situation and then I told them about it just a few hours after it happened!

How Do Our Loved Ones Know What is Happening in Our Lives?

Our loved ones know what is happening in our lives because they haven’t left us! They come to Earth to check up on us many times or sometimes it could be daily occurrence. I tell clients that they are always with your but you just can’t see them! Often times than not, many people say they feel a presence, have a knowing they are there or they might smell something that reminding them of their loved one. These are great indicators that they are truly around you! Another reason that they know what is happening in our lives is because we just think or even actually talk to them like they are with you! I tell clients thinking or talking to them is like a telephone call to them! They hear your call and come back to see what you might need.  I have also been told by love ones that have passed that they actually see their loved ones on Earth looking up at the sky! Other times they come back to assist because they know there is difficulty in one of their loved ones lives. They might come to just be around you to send loving energy and healing. Sometimes they tell me they come to wipe away tears and bring comfort. They also can assist their loves ones after their own passing to help them through the difficult situation and transition that is occurring

Lastly, just the knowing that our loved ones that have past are with us, gives comfort to many people. Our loved ones are constantly with us in our daily lives, knowing what is happening checking in and loving us from the other side.  So start talking or thinking about them! They hear all our thoughts and words even though you visibly cannot see them, however they can see you!