Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I wanted to blog about “Love” today! Love is one of the highest vibrations that our souls get to experience in Earth school. When you love someone or something, think of how much joy, happiness or the feelings you experience. This is the vibration that I am speaking about! That wonderful feeling which engulfs you and give you the chills, a smile or warms your insides! When our souls are experiencing this high level vibration, nothing seems to matter and everything around you just seems to fade away! Not only do humans feel this love, but think of your pets or plants that you take care of too. Love is a universal emotion that every living being can feel its high level energy or vibration!

Here are some reasons why Love is important in one’s life!

1. Loving Others for Who They Are! – When you send out love to another person we are accepting them as they are. We are emitting that high level vibration out to them so they can feel this energy to know they are loved! When someone knows they are loved this raises their vibration too!

2. Bringing in the Passion! – If you are involved with a romantic partner, your emotions begin to change, which may lead to a high level of passion come into your life. When you are passionate about someone, you tend to think of them more and can’t wait to see them again! Your life just seems to be on a higher level or you are floating. Again this is the high vibration that you are feeling, which is love!

3. Making You a Better Person! – When you have love in your life, you start to see things differently. You might comprise more or see something from a different perspective. Others might be inspired by love, which in turn, changes them to act different or change something in their lives. The energy of love emits wonderful vibrations which helps others want to change too!

4. Brings in Kindness and Compassion! – When we feel the emotion of love, this can lead to kindness and compassion. Think of someone that has done some act of kindness to you, did you feel the energy of love that followed? What about someone that is has been struggling in their lives, did you feel a bit differently and you wanted to help? This is because the vibration of love was emitted and you came in contact with it!

5. Loving All Living Things! When we send out love to all living things, it comes back to us 10-fold! Think of when you watered plant and talked to it, you were sending out love. Did you notice how green it became a day or 2 later? What about your pets, did you notice how happy they are when they greet you at the door? Your pets are sending back all the love to you, for all that you give to them!

Finally, when we have love in our lives it not only raises our vibration but it raises other people’s vibration around you too! When we attract in this high level emotion of love, it makes everything else seem to dissipate and everything seems to be so joyous and wonderful. I always say, it is like basking in the sun when it cold out, your body just seems to soak up all the energy and you want more! Having love in your life is so important because it allows for things such as acceptance, compassion, passion and kindness. When we experience these emotions or feelings, we then can pass that on to others, which in turn we can call Love!