Since it is Valentine’s Weekend, I wanted to blog about loving yourself. I always have numerous clients that come to me and ask me when the next romantic relationship will start. They say they are ready and have been trying to find someone, but nothing is working out. If this sounds like you, well we first I need to start by asking you a few questions. Have you worked on healing your past relationships? Are you working on healing those relationships currently? Do you feel a lack of self-worth or confidence? Are you one of those people that cannot be without a relationship and are co-dependent? Do you feel that if you are with someone else, that this will make you feel happier? Do you feel that everyone else has this loving relationship and you are a   failure at it? Do you attract in the same type of partner and get the same results? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you need to start to love yourself first. What I mean by this is, to look within yourself and see if you are holding on to past pain, blame, lack of, repeating cycles of same types of relationship or feel that you are not lovable. This is a time to start to heal and balance these past behaviors. When you work on YOU and let go of this funky stuff, you start to work on YOU and begin to love yourself. When this happens, you start to exude love and attract it in, versus trying to chase it. When you chase it, you get the old patterns and behaviors that were created previously. So, how do you start to work on loving yourself? Here are some tips!

  1. Heal Your Past Relationships- Look at your past relationships and see what the patterns are. Work on letting go of any hurt, pain or feelings of why it didn’t work out. Let anything go that you might be still holding on to. This can include old pictures, feelings and or reminders of this not working out. Go back and do the basics to start to heal your broken heart and cutting the cords.
  2. Change Your Behavior-If you have past patterns of the same type of relationship or people you dated, see what that pattern(s) is and let it go! You need to work on changing your behaviors that you have created in relationships. To demonstrate, if you feel that you are not worthy of a partner, you will attract in a partner that has that same feeling of unworthiness! Remember, like attracts like, as this is the Law of Attraction.
  3. Love Yourself- Let go of doubt, fear, blame and start to really love yourself for who YOU are! When you do this, you are being authentic, and you will attract in an authentic relationship.
  4. Stop Being Co-Dependent- Don’t rely on another person to make YOU HAPPY! You are the person that is going to make yourself happy! Think of this as you are the sundae and the other person is just the cherry on top!
  5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others- Let go of feeling envious of other people’s relationships! You too can have a wonderful relationship! Just because others have gotten married and have kids, doesn’t mean you cannot. You just need to work a bit harder, to bring in what YOU want.
  6. Make Affirmations- Make some affirmations to “call in your soulmate.” Remember, if you don’t heal the old stuff and just do the work of “calling in the soulmate,” you will still get the old stuff! You MUST move old energy of the old and HEAL from it, to receive what you are wanting in a new relationship!
  7. Make Room for a New Relationship- Really ask yourself are READY to have a new relationship in your life. If you always busy and don’t have time for yourself, how can you bring in some to start a new relationship?
  8. Be Positive- Remember, if you are thinking there is “no one out there for you”, then you “GET” NO ONE OUT THERE FOR YOU! Again, this is the Law of Attraction, what you put out to the Universe in thoughts, comes right back to you!

Lastly, if you start to work on loving yourself and healing the past, your energy changes. The more love that you feel within you, and that love that you give to yourself, will exude outwards. This is how you attract in that love that you are wanting! Love yourself and that love of another person will be then be attracted to you!