It is that time of the year again, it is February 14th, and we think of Love for Valentine’s Day. When you think of Love, what does it make YOU think about? Most people just think of that Romantic Love; however, Valentine’s Day reminds me of all forms of Love!

Here are some different forms of LOVE!

  1. Love from Family Members or Friends
  2. Love from our Pets
  3. Self-Love
  4. Love from our Co-workers (Feeling that they are part of your family or they just support and help you)
  5. Feeling Love from Nature (Flowers/Tree)
  6. Seeing Love from Nature (A baby bird/4 leaf clover/Sunset)
  7. Love from “Seeing” a Person give Love to Another (Kiss)
  8. Feeling Love from a Person (Hug)
  9. Sending Love to someone which elicits the “Feeling of Love”
  10. Feeling Love for an Item you just received (New Car/House/Clothing)
  11. Feeling Love through Words (Card/Email)
  12. Seeing Love through an Experience (Wedding/Birth)
  13. Feeling the Love of Food (Making your healthy/Giving you Energy)
  14. Feeling/Seeing/Hearing Love from our Passed Loved One (Knowing they are there and feeling them/Dreams/Signs/Hearing them)

So, for this Valentine’s Day I challenge you to see Love differently than just romantic love! Ask yourself, what type of Love am I receiving today!