Do you know when something is off? Do you know when you should or shouldn’t do something? Do you say, “I trust my gut?” This is listening to your inner guidance or “intuition.” Some people will call it their “6th sense.” I love the terminology on the 6th sense because it IS a sense! You are listening to the internal guidance or wisdom. I know that some people will say that the are not confident to trust their self. I must tell you that EVERYONE has this ability to use, it is just using it and knowing that it IS correct. Now, if you are one of those people that feel this way, I am going to give you 2 quick ways to help you be able to use this! These are great ways to get a yes or no with a question that you are not sure what to do!
Option #1
Write down on a piece of paper what you are wanting to know. If you have a few choices, then make a paper for each choice. Next, stand straight up and put the piece of paper to your stomach and place your hand over it. Then close your eyes and see if your body moves forward or moves backward (remember which way your body moved). If you have multiple papers do this for each paper and put the piece of paper down. Then continue the same thing with the other piece of paper. Once you are finished, look at the pieces of paper with the word on them. If you moved forward in your body, that is a YES to your question, if you moved backward than that is a NO to your question.
Option #2
Ask yourself the question that you want a yes or no too and then close your eyes. Does your body expand, tingle, feeling like it growing? This is a Yes! Or does it feel like you have a pit in your stomach, or you feel like you are contracting? This is a No!
These are 2 quick ways on how to listen to your inner guidance for answers. Try it and you might be amazed by the results!