Have you been re-living things from the past that you just can’t shake? Are you reminding of someone or something that you keeps playing over and over in your head like a record player? If so, it’s time to release these things and “let your past go.” When we continue to hold on to things that no longer serve us we build up “blocks” within ourselves. This then leads us to NOT “attract” the things we do want to bring in. I hear this all the time from clients “I want to start a new relationship but I just can’t seem to start one.” I then ask the clients if they have “released” and “let go” of their past relationship with their EX and most often than not, they say “No.” Well there you have it, if you haven’t let go of the past how are you to move on to the future? I tell clients that they need to release the “remnants” of the past relationship because it is blocking them from receiving a “new” relationship! Here are some reason on releasing your past.

Here are Some Reasons to Let Go of Your Past

  1. It’s a New You! –By making the change allows you to also change and grow. This is saying that you are accepting what was, to allow for what is!
  2. Trust and Believe– When we acknowledge that a situation is no longer right for you, this leads to trusting and believing in yourself. You are actually listening to the feeling that says something is not right. The reason this happens is because something IS off and you need to be in alignment of your feelings and situation.
  3. Understanding and Allowing – When we let the past go, we start to then understand the lesson of the situation. You then begin to allow yourself to re-look at the situation with “clearer glasses.” Once this takes place then you can fully understand the hidden blessings you encountered behind the lesson!


Here are some Tips to Let Go of Your Past

  1. Cutting Ties– When you want to let go of the past you need to “cut ties” with that person or situation. If you are not familiar with this this concept read my blog “Cutting Cords Energetically.” Just like an umbilical cord that we have when we are a baby, we have the same cords that are attached to person or situation (we just physically can’t see them). We need to cut these cords in order to let go of the past. Call upon Archangel Michael as he can cut the cords and seal that area back up. This allows for a new person or situation to now come in as YOU made room for it!
  1. Doing the Work! – I always tell clients you need to “do the work!” Showing the Universe that you are ready to let go the past involves you “wanting” to let go. I talked about this in the blog How to Heal a Broken Heart.” By doing the work of writing and releasing this person or situation your actions “show” the Universe that you ARE ready to move on and release the blocks that you are currently having! It boils down to talking the talk and walking the walk!
  1. Keeping the Lessons and Love That We Learned– Every person or situation has a lesson in it that we learn about. When we walk away and let go of a situation we are NOT losing this lesson or love of it, we are just taking that with us on to the next one! We continue to collect these lessons and love so we have more “tools” in our belt to pull out for the next situation. Sometimes the lessons can show us patterns of red flags, or other times they can be just great love! Nevertheless, we take these with us to remind us of things we want for the next one!

Finally, by allowing yourself to let go of the past you ultimately allow more room for something new to come in to your life. Releasing these people or things helps us on our journey to learn more lessons. Remember, sometimes it can be is a season, reason or a lifetime that you had experienced that lesson with that person or situation, however you won’t know what that is if you don’t let your past go to find out!