My friend told me of a great way to get rid of negativity in your house and it is using a lemon of all things! If you  have been feeling that there is some funk, tension or just out of sorts in your home, try this easy method!

  1. Get a lemon and either think or tell the lemon that you are using it to help you draw out anything negative in your home.
  2. Slice the lemon into 2 halves.
  3. Put salt on the inside of the sliced lemon halves.
  4. Place each half of the lemon on a bowl or plate.
  5. Put one of the dishes of lemons by your front door and the other one either by your back door or under your bed.
  6. Then daily check your lemon to see how much it is absorbing the negativity in the house. If you see your lemon getting very moldy, crusty and rotting it is absorbing all the negativity and you can throw it out!

Once you notice the rotting lemon you can replace it with a new half of a lemon, just follow the easy steps above! This is such a quick and easy way to rid your home of negativity! Try it and see what the lemon does for your home!