I had a client ask me, “What does it mean when a left eye is twitching Spiritually?” Well, first, I want to address, how do we know it Spiritual? Many times, eyes twitch because it is health related. This can include, allergies, dry eyes, stress, muscle spasm, fatigue, caffeine or alcohol intake etc. So, I want to make note of this first before we dive into this Spiritually. If you can rule out any health issues, then let’s move on to the Spiritual nature of this.

When we are talking about the left eye twitching spiritually, there is a lot of mysticism about this, with different cultures. Some cultures believe it to be good, others bad, but it would be a sign or a type of superstition. It just depends on the culture and sometimes the gender of the person, that the eye is twitching on. To demonstrate, in the Chinese culture, the left eye twitching in a man is good fortune, however, if you are a woman the left eye twitching is bad fortune! However, this is the opposite for the Indian culture.

Now for me, I have had the left eye twitch on occasion. When I go back and think about when this happened, I can relate this to moving forward in my life. I believe that the right side of the body is of the past and the left side is to future. This thought process of the right and left side is used in Reiki, which I practice. When this happened, I was working on healing past trauma and I was trying to move forward to do this. I believe it was telling me to continue to move this trauma out of the body. My left eye twitched continually on and off, for a few weeks and it stopped when I stopped working on the trauma.  So, for me, it was a good sign and good fortune as I was able to heal the past and move in the new direction!
Finally, no matter what culture, gender, or thought process you come from, a twitching left eye can be an indicator for you! See which belief above resonates with you, on the Spiritual level, and go with it. You just might have good fortune on your side!