Have you been told that you needed to take a “leap of faith?” If so, what does this mean? Taking a leap of faith means you are trusting the Universe, you are taking a chance at something you want to succeed at, something that might not seem attainable or successful at that present time. I say this is like taking a dive off the “high level diving board!” Can I do this? Will I be successful at diving in or will it be a belly flop? Fear usually is involved when deciding to take this leap too! However, I always say the Universe knows what it is doing, it is us that lacks the courage to “listen” to our thoughts or dreams! When someone is at a crossroads, typically it is because it is time for change and time to take that leap! Here are some steps to decide if you should take that leap!

1. Listen to Yourself and Intuition!– When you start to get that voice in your head or that dream you dreamt of regarding taking the leap, what message did it give you? Did you see yourself successful at it? Did you hear that voice where it said it is going to be okay and to do it? Pay attention because the thoughts or dreams are divine guidance helping you to guide you to do what is best for you!

2. Let Fear Go! – When you let go of fear regarding the situation to take the leap, this allows you to see the clearer picture. If you are not sure how to let the fear go, make a scenario of what it would be like if you were already took the leap. What would it be like if you didn’t? This takes the fear out of it and allows for you to focus only on the situation!

3. Surround Yourself with Positive People– When making a big decision to take the leap of faith, surround yourself with positive people and vibrations! This allows for you to make a clearer decision and not allow doubt of fear to enter the picture. Negative people emit lower vibrations and this energy can attach on to you, creating a foggy picture of what to do. Having positive energy surrounding you allows for you to make a clear decision.

4. Let Go of Judgments From Others! – Many times when we are wanting to take a leap of faith, other people’s opinions stop us from taking the leap! Maybe they told you this is a crazy idea or you won’t make enough money doing that! I say “who says?” What I mean by this is how do they know if it will or will not be successful? Remember you write your own script on YOUR journey, it is not theirs. If you really want to do this, than do it and manifest this in! If you are not sure what “manifesting” means read my blogs “How do you Manifest” and “What should I Manifest.” Judgements from others could be thoughts of what “they” cannot do or are scared of! Don’t allow others people’s opinions to hold you back from something that you want to attain!

Finally, when deciding to take the leap of faith, mull this decision over and think about it. Breathe! Write out some pros and cons regarding if you should or shouldn’t do this. Use the steps above as well to help you decide what to do. Remember if you don’t try and take a leap sometime, you will always be standing exactly where you are and nothing changes! Great success comes with great risk! Is it time for you to take a dive off the diving board?