If you haven’t heard yet, I launched my first book last week called Guided by the Voice of Spirit: A Journey of a Medium.” I wrote this book a few months ago and paid an editor to review and edit the book. However, no matter how much I planned for the book to be 100% full proof, Spirit had another plan in store for me! Here is what I learned from launching the book.

  1. Do NOT Launch a Book During Mercury Retrograde! – If anyone has read my blog about Mercury Retrograde before, you will know that the energy of the planet can affect technology, communication and more. I learned the hard way this past week. Before the book was released, I had many technical issues with it. I contacted Amazon Publishing several times and many hours later, they were just as perplexed as I was with the issues that I was experiencing. After I launched the book, I found many funny little errors with it, even though it was in a PDF form! Things like, a sentence not bolded but the rest was, missing a word or a letter on a word, things were hyphenated, sentences were move up or down, pagination issues etc. The crazy thing was I had the original copy of my book with the correct information without these issues! All I can say is Mercury Retrograde! UGH!!!
  2. I Paid an Editor- I had done hours of editing and had a friend edit it as well. After this, then I paid an editor to review my book too for a final edit. However, even though you pay someone, review the book another time, well do it 2 more times, just in case! We are human and we can miss a thing or two! Not to mention there was this thing called Mercury Retrograde!!!
  3. Get a Copy of the Book before the Launch- What I learned from this was I should have ordered a copy of the book before I told anyone about this and launched it publicly. But who knew? I paid an editor to review it so I thought it would be good to go! OH well! Mercury Retrograde had other plans for me!

So, after a week of going through this and me beating myself up over the handful of edits, I realized it was out of my control. Since I am a perfectionist, this was very hard for me because I didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t do my best work. Spirit was teaching me a lesson of letting go of the control and fear of judgment from others. I could not do anything about the books that had sold, I only could fix the edits from here on out. I was really upset about this and then I had a friend send me a text. She told me that “the message hasn’t changed because of a few missing words or grammar mistakes! It’s still a beautiful story!” When I read this text, I knew she was right! If someone is going to judge me on a few errors in the book, then let them judge! Then I thought about the quote I put in the front of the book, which was so telling, because it says I am in the arena and taking the hits!

I also realized that the copies that were sold were meant to be that way from Spirit! It was like the book was showing me my true authentic self. I have experienced child abuse, dyslexia, and other challenges, which were the rough version of me (my story) however it was still beautiful. I was amazed how Spirit was able to teach me this through the launch of my book! So, if you plan on writing a book, take my advice and don’t launch it during Mercury Retrograde!!!! If you have purchased my book, I hope that you are enjoying the story! However, if you saw a few mistakes while reading it, I hope you can look past them. As for me, the way I see the original version of the book is that this is what Spirit intended it to be, showing my true authentic self!