Have you ever had a crystal and your finger touches an area on the crystal and it feels good? Or maybe you rub your finger over one area of a crystal, like you are petting it? What you are doing is finding the “key” in a crystal. A keystone is the area of the crystal that put your finger and you are feeling the “essence” of the crystal. This is like the doorway or opening of the crystal. When placing your finger in this area of the crystal, you are opening that doorway and connecting into this crystals energy. I want to note that this usually happens with bigger crystals to feel this key. Sometimes on the smaller crystals, you might see an area of imperfection or a knot, this would be the keystone. So, you could put your finger over this area, to activate the key. Why is it important to look for this keys? The reason you want to look for the key is that you are connecting in to this doorway quickly and easily, and unlocking it with the “key” to this stone. Having access and knowledge of the key, makes it a stronger connection with this crystal. I would invite you to go and look at your crystals, and see if you can find the keys in each of them. Touch and feel them or maybe your finger will start “petting” a certain area on the crystal, then you found the key! Try it, and have fun finding this activation point of each stone!