A reader asked me a great question and I wanted to blog about it and his question was, “is your Guardian Angel the same as your Spirit Guide?” No, your Guardian Angel is different than your Spirit Guide. A Guardian Angel, like your Spirit Guide is assigned to you when you come to Earth School. They are with you from the beginning (before your birth) until the end (when you leave Earth) and go to the Other side. However, they have different roles. A Guardian Angel is here to “watch over you” and are beings that are from the Spiritual realm and have not lived on Earth. They are beings of divine light. Now, a Spirit Guide has lived on Earth before and they understand this human aspect of things. They are here to guide, assist and teach you. They know how important it is to relax, have fun and experience the lessons that we are here to do in Earth School. Each one is very important and you can have more than one of each of them. Some people have a better connection with one or the other. For me, I connect in with my Spirit Guide more than my Guardian Angel. I do know that I have known my Spirit Guide before and I believe this is the reason why. No matter which one you connect in with, talk to them!  They are here to help you and call upon them to assist you on your journey each day, they will be happy to help!