A few weeks ago, I left the country and took some time off because I was just drained! I had been working excessively and giving to much of myself to others. When this happens its like my internal battery gets so low and depleted that I am in the “red zone,” needing to be recharged! Just like your phone, your internal battery starts to drop in power with daily use. However, unlike our phones, we don’t have a tracking system that tells us how much power we have left or have that red warning sign that the power is almost out. So, how can we tell when we have drained our internal battery? You are getting sick, feel drained, don’t want to do the things you love, you are on edge, irritated etc. These are just a few examples of when your internal power has been drained.

For you to recharge your internal battery there are a few things you can do!

  1. Take a Break!- We are always on the go with our lives but we do need to take breaks for us to recharge. This could be a weekend away, a few hours or a few weeks or months. Whatever that is for you to recharge your battery.
  2. Get Out in Nature- When you reconnect with nature you are automatically recharging your battery and grounding. This is an excellent way to recharge.
  3. Play- Be like a kid and have fun! Take time to just think about nothing and enjoy life for the moment!
  4. No When to Say When- This one will be tough for some people but KNOW YOUR LIMIT! If you are overdoing it and someone wants you to add something to you plate, say NO and set a boundary. If you don’t, your battery will become more drained and you might be feeling irritated.
  5. Meditate- One of the easiest ways to increase your battery is to meditate. Just by connecting in you are recharging your battery.
  6. Ask Archangel Raphael- Since Archangel Raphael is our healing Archangel, he can assist you with increasing your life force energy! However, the key is to ASK him to do this for you!
  7. Use the Power Code- Power codes can help you too! Use Power code 5 x 2 to raise your vibration.

Lastly, just by being cognizant of your internal battery starting to become low, this will help you to remember to recharge. By doing some of these things above, this will help you reconnect and be ready to go full steam ahead!