Are you having an issue with self-worth or self-esteem? Do you feel that you are not lovable? If you can say yes to one of these things, I want you to stop now and change your thoughts! I want you to know that YOU ARE  ENOUGH!!! I have blogged about the “Thoughts using the Laws of Attraction,” and how you bring things into the Universe, good or bad. I need you to change your thoughts about this negative thinking NOW! I want you to say this with feeling, “I AM ENOUGH!” I then want you to do some mirror work with this next. Go to the mirror and say this again with feeling, “I AM ENOUGH!” I want you to do this several more times and DON’T look away from the mirror! You might be wanting to stop, look down or away, however look yourself dead in your eyes, staring into that mirror and say, “I AM ENOUGH.” Continue to do this work. I want you to work on this daily for 2 weeks. Saying these words in the mirror several times a day. Then I want you to go through your day and have a reminder in your phone to say this again during the day. I want you to get in the habit of KNOWING that you are enough. If you do this work, you should notice a change of how you are feeling about yourself. What happens in this process is that you are basically retraining your thoughts to emit a positive view of yourself. You start to “feel” that you are enough, which is what you SHOULD be feeling, not the lack of it. So, get started today to retrain your mind to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH!