Have you ever walked into someone’s home and you just feel bad? This energy can feel very stagnant, “heavy” or sometimes may even feel negative. If this sounds like your house, I always recommend to my clients to buy “White Sage” to clear the energy. Sage usually comes in a bundle and it’s tied up with usually a string. I use Sage to “clear” or “bless the home” and rid it of the negative energy.

How to Sage a Home

Start by lighting the sage and then blow out the flame so you just have smoke. I suggest starting at your front door and opening it, and then let the smoke go around the door frame. (I use a Turkey feather to fan the smoke to go in the direction I am intending.) Go outside of the door and make an “X” using the smoke of the sage to show it crossed out and a barrier. After you are done with the front door, continue to leave the door open until you are finished saging. Basically this allows the energy to flow out this door. Next, continue to sage around all doors, windows and every nook and cranny in your house. This includes closets, pantries, garages and attics. If you have any doors that lead to the outside of your home, make sure you sage with “X” just like you did initially with the front door. Also, when you come across any mirrors in your home do the same process with saging with the “X” to each mirror. Mirrors can be doorways to the other dimensions and you want a barrier from this. While I am saging, I also call upon Archangel Michael to come assist me, to take away anything that needs to leave and bring in the Golden White light. Bringing in this light is bringing in only good things from the Divine. I also make sure I “close” the session by asking Archangel Michael to close it with peace and serenity! Once you are done with the sage, take a moment to see how you feel. Most people will say it feels lighter, airy, and is more serene. By clearing out the old energy, this brings in new and fresh energy. Thus your house will be once again a place of serenity!