Recently I wrote a blog on “Having Confidence” and I had a blogger ask me what steps can be used to do this. This was another great question so I wanted to blog about it today. When we have confidence, things just seem to be easier and better. When we lack confidence, many times this holds a person back from achieving what they are trying to get in life! Here are some steps to raise your confidence!

1. Change Your Thoughts to be Positive!– When a person starts to think positively, this raises their vibration as well as attracts positive things back to them!
2. Stop Thinking You are Failing!- When a person stops thinking they are failing or doing something wrong, this then stops that process of negativity. If you think you are failing, guess what? You will fail! This is the Thoughts Using the Laws of Attraction. Remember what you think is what you get!
3. Change Your Behaviors/Body Image.- When a person starts believing and changing their behaviors to positive ones this raises their confidence. This is also the same for body image. When a person gets a haircut, doesn’t that make you feel better? You look your best, so you are feeling your best!
4. Make a List of Good Things! – Make a list of what you have achieved or are proud of! When you take a look at what you have accomplished, this will bring positive vibrations in and help to raise your confidence!
5. Give Gratitude’s to the Universe! –When a person thanks the Universe for even the smallest thing, like a beautiful flower, this raises your vibration and brings back positive things to you! Giving Gratitude’s to the Universe always comes back to you tenfold!

5. Use the Archangels –Work with Archangel Zerachiel as he is the archangel for confidence. He gives you the words to speak up! He also work hand in hand with Archangel Michael who takes away the fear!

Lastly, by using these steps above this will help to assist you in raising your confidence. By remaining positive and raising your vibration, this allows for positive things to attract to you! When you are positive, this in turn raises your confidence! So start to bring in all the positive things and you will see how much you can raise your confidence!