I had a follower of my blog request that I write about How to Let Go of Ego which I thought was a great topic! We all have had our egos take over at some point and time as we are all just human! Our society inundates our thoughts with the media, sports and even school.  Who is the best? How much money are you making?  Who is the prettiest? As humans we grow up this way and this feeds our egos! We believe that these types of things are important in daily life, but are they? When you think of what truly is important you would know that the question above’s answer is NO. What is important is love, helping others, giving gratitude’s and just pure kindness! These things don’t involve ego at all, as they are giving from the heart! One way i like to view this is, to see this is as the difference on a spectrum of the scale. Think of “Love” on one spectrum, which consists of God or Universe. Then think of “Ego” on the opposite side of the spectrum, which is a detachment of love or God/Universe!  Ego is the opposite of love! Another way to look at this is to use the word “EGO” as a short acronym of “Edging God Out.” I thought this was profound because its a lack of love! When we come from a place of just “love” we start to understand that “ego” can be changed and be thought of differently. One starts to understand that we are all “One” and we are all here to learn the same lessons, “love and forgiveness.” No one is better than anyone else, as our society lets us tend to believe!

Here are Some Ways to Let Go of Ego

  1. Letting Go of the Competition! When we start to let go of ego we need to let go of the notion that we are better than someone else! Letting go of “competing” with others is one way to override ego! Society has rankings on EVERYTHING! Who is number one? Who is right? Who cares! At the end of the day no one is “better” than anyone else! One can “improve” their self and “grow” but the “competition” or “1 upping” each other needs to be released as it only serves EGO!
  1. Taking Offense to Things! Our society dictates that “someone” is going to be offended at some point whether it be with words, discrimination or feeling “attacked” by someone. At the end of the day these are all ego based things! When you release this type of thinking it allows for more opportunities to come to you! Being peaceful brings peace and love!
  1. Wanting More Things in Your Life! When we live an ego based life we always want more!” A bigger house, more money or a better car. However these things are just materialistic things! When you think of people from other countries they live a simplistic life. This doesn’t involve the “more” that our society dictates. Just having love and family make them feel that they actually DO have more because they are enriched with the love with in themselves!
  1. Flaunting Your Accomplishments! Everyone wants to achieve different goals in our lives which helps us grow. However, when it becomes the need to flaunt what you have achieved then “ego” has taken over! Achievements are just moments in your life that you have done something of personal growth, they don’t “define” who you are as a person! We all want to grow and expand but we need to “appreciate” those moments. By being humble and not allowing that moment to define you, allows the ego to disappear!

Lastly, by changing your thought process and practicing these ways suggested, this will help you “let go of ego.” When we see that we are all on the same playing field, we realize that there is more to our life than what our “ego” thinks! Remember if you want to let go of ego it’s up to YOU to change your thoughts and behavior. Living an egoless life style allows YOU to live from the heart and not from the mind!