The other night I was invited to help host a séance for a class that was working on their Mediumship skills. This was a great experience bringing loved ones through as we all enjoyed it with a lot of laughter on what the loved ones said! What is a séance? A séance is a session to communicate with people that have crossed over or spirits. The word “séance” is derived from the French word for “session” or “seat.” Many people conduct séances to connect with loved ones, to know that they are safe and also to help alleviate grief of their passing.

How to Prepare for a Séance

  1. Make sure the area has been cleansed or saged. You can read about saging in my blog how to sage your home.”
  2. Set up a few white candles to burn as the lights will be turned off when the session starts.
  3. Turn off any phones, televisions, or close doors for outside noises. If desired you may have some soft music playing in the background.
  4. Invite like minded people who are not fearful or skeptical. This is to allow for the spirits to come in freely without blocks from anyone.
  5. Set out a recorder if you want to record the session.
  6. The Medium or leader may also want to set an intention to the spirits telling them that the only spirits that are invited are loved ones that the participants know who have passed.

How to Conduct a Séance

  1. People will sit around a table with their feet flat on the floor and holding hands to open the séance. (The table will have the candles now lit and the lights are turned off.) All participants will say a protection prayer to start off the session. After this, everyone will breathe a few deep breathes to connect with spirit.
  2. The Medium / leader of the séance will then ask the spirits to now come in and join the session.
  3. The Medium /conductor will connect with the spirits giving messages that they are communicating. The Medium / leader may ask yes / no questions or more specific questions such as:  How did they transition? Do you come to you loved ones in their dreams? Are you sending signs like butterflies, coins or feathers that the loved one is seeing? What would you like to share with their loved one?
  4. Once the séance is completed, everyone will again hold hands and close the séance. The Medium / leader will ask the spirits to now leave the place where the session was and thank them for coming.


Séances are a great way to connect and communicate with your loved ones and spirits on the Other side. This communication allows people on Earth to know that their loved ones are safe and are around them! Life does continue for everyone after one passes on Earth life. Try a session with some friends and family and see what you receive! By being open and releasing fears of spirits, this allows for people to truly tap into the Other side!