What is a soulmate? A soulmate is defined as a person that is a suitor who connect or matches your ideally. Most people think of a soulmate as a romantic partner or close friend. I am repeatedly asked by clients “when I will meet my soulmate?”  I always say it depends on the person and the lessons that they have in this lifetime. We all have different lessons that we need to work on during our lifetime. Some people might not meet their soulmate until later in life, as their lesson might be about being independent in this lifetime. While others might meet their soulmate right away and their lesson is to work on partnership. Then there are other circumstances, some people get so obsessed with finding their soulmate that they can’t even see who is in front of them! This leads to not finding their soulmate as they are not working on the lessons they need to do before meeting this person.

How to Call in a Soulmate?

  1. Work on Yourself and Your lessons. By working on yourself and your lessons this is when the soulmate typically shows up! You need to be happy within yourself before you can be happy with others. Ask yourself “what lessons or areas within yourself can you work on?” When you start to define this, work on it so you can grow and learn about the lesson!
  1. Stop Searching for the Soulmate. One needs to look inward within ourselves and not search for someone outside to make you happy. Remember it starts with you! When you are happy, that is when you exude positive vibrations and others are then attracted to you!
  1. Believe that a Soulmate Exists for You! You have to have faith and believe there is a person that is meant to be with you! Hold that positive vibration with the thought of the Soulmate is coming to meet you soon!
  1. Ask Archangel Chamuel to assist in bringing in the Soulmate. Archangel Chamuel can assist in bringing in your soulmate. Ask him to have your soulmate step forward in front of you so that you are “aware” of this person and will notice that this is your soulmate.
  1. Write a Letter to Your Soulmate. Write a letter titled “To My Soulmate” and start by bullet pointing all the things you want in a soulmate. This can be a running list, so that you can add to your list, as you grow too! Remember this list should be the “values” of what you are wanting in a soulmate. These are things that are important, like wanting to be married, able to communicate, honest etc. Also, start your list with the word “single,” as I get clients contacting me saying I found this person but they are married! NO, that is not how it works, so start with Single! If you are married, you can skip this. Remember, sometimes from a past relationship we bring in things that we don’t want in the next relationship. So make sure you change the wording to something that you DO want. To demonstrate, if you had issues with trust in the past, write down trustworthy. Then when you are done, either burn it or put it in an envelope and continue to add more bullet point to the list. This action of writing a letter shows the universe that you are ready for a soulmate to arrive!

Lastly, by setting your intentions of working on yourself along with your life lessons this will help to raise your vibration. When one has positive vibrations this helps to attract others to us as we are happy within ourselves. By doing the steps provided above this will then assist in calling in your soulmate and having this person step forward into your life. Remember it starts with you!