I wanted to blog about how important “service” is in Earth School. I am sure you are asking, “What does she mean by service?”  When we are speaking about the aspect of “service” from a spiritual stand point, this means, how one can assist others on their journeys. This thought process comes from a place of love and is a higher vibrational energy. If you ask “How may I serve,” this is telling the Universe that you are wanting to work on raising others vibrations and to enlightening them! When you come from this place of love, you are also telling the Universe that you are not concerned with “YOU”. Many times when people want to reach out to others, this comes from a place of selfishness. This would be the thought of “What is in it for me?” or “How can I get something out of this for me!” This is a lower vibration and that person is only concerned with number one, which is themselves!

Here are some reasons to use “How May I Serve” in your life today!

  1. Giving Back! – When we reach out to others on our journeys, we are giving back to the Universe. You are not only learning the information for yourself, you are teaching others how to use it too!
  2. Raising Your Vibration!-When you change your thought process to serving others, it raising your vibration. Having a higher vibration attracts in more positive things to you!
  3. Letting Go of Ego- The thought process of serving others takes away the “ego” in oneself. You are releasing “what is in it for me” and changing this to “how may I serve?”
  4. Attracting in Abundance- When we give to others we attract in abundance to yourself. I always tell clients, give and you receive it back 10 times more in return!
  5. When you Get, then Give! – This concept is to help others learn what you know. When you receive something from the Universe, like knowledge or abundance, share this with others and give it back! This not only raises your vibration but it assists others so they can then give back to another. It is the pay it forward system!

Finally, using the concept of “how may I serve” in your daily life, this will not only raise your vibration but it also will change the way you view others on your journey. When we include and assist others versus just thinking about oneself, this change of energy makes an individual feel the love of energy that is given. That person not only will attract more abundance in their lives but will also share this with the others they are assisting. When we can reach out and touch others on our journeys, we reach out and touch ourselves too! That high vibrational frequency will come back to in more ways than one!