Today I was watching a Gabby Bernstein video on “How to be a High Vibe friend.” In her short video she was talking about how to raise a friend’s vibration when they are down. I thought I would give you my thoughts on this since we have all have been there at one point! Everyone has a friend or maybe it was yourself who was playing the “victim” role. Can’t you actually hear it now? “This happened to me because of my childhood,” or “I don’t understand why I can’t meet anyone, it is because of my weight, or I am so unattractive” yada, yada, yada! I call this the “blame game!” The blame game is when everyone else is to blame except for themselves! When a person is in this low vibration it not only attracts negative things to them but also it puts a negative energy around their environment. This is why when you are around this person the energy is so “thick” and you just feel “YUCK!” Here are some tips to help raise someone’s vibration!

  1. Turn the Conversation to a Positive Vibe! When a person is rehearsing the same song and dance of the “victim role,” change the conversation to make it be more positive! When you put speak about positive things, then the vibration will start to rise!
  1. Don’t Feed into that Behavior. Sometimes when I hear a friend in that negative role, I tend to use the word “AND.” To demonstrate, I will use the statement from above: “This happened to me because of my childhood.” What I would say back is “AND?” which then makes the person have to redirect the thought! I would then say “You are an adult now and you CAN change your thoughts and behavior, so what are you going to do about it?” Again, this changes this type of thought and redirects this vibration.
  1. Be a Positive Role Model. When someone is in a low vibration many times by just being positive and a beacon of bright light, this will help to raise their vibration. It is like they are feeding off your positive energy which will then help to raise theirs.

Lastly, when you encounter someone in a low vibration, help them to redirect their thoughts to a higher vibration. If you are the one with the low vibration, make the conscious decision to change your thoughts to a positive one. Remember likes attractive likes, so if you are thinking of positive thoughts, you will receive positive things!