There is a wonderful technique that you can do to help with healing of oneself is to use roses! Roses are the highest frequency of flower that we have here on Earth. When you are breathing in the essence of this flower, you are getting a deep breath of life too! Roses are also used with association of Mother Mary or Lady of Guadalupe. She is known as the Lady of Roses. The story behind her is in 1530’s Mother Mary came to St. Juan Diego and told him to collect roses in the middle of winter to prove that she came to him so people would believe this. Roses hibernate in winter, so what was fascinating was he found an abundantly amount of them blooming and collected them. This story brought forth the existence that she did visit him and thus people associate this flower with her. To start this process, you need to get a bundle of roses. Choose the color that resonates with you. Once you have you roses, take them home and put them in a vase without water next to your bed. If you want to put a bit of water that is fine, but the purpose of these flowers is for them to work on healing you. What you will do is touch and speak to the flowers before bed and ask them to give you their essence of healing your body or heart or whatever area needs healing. After this, then go bed and breath in the essence of their fragrance. When you wake up in the morning, you might see some already dying off as this is part of the process. Thank them for using their essence to help heal you. Continue this process until all the roses are dead and a pulp. You can throw them away or you can also bury them whatever resonates with you. After this process is complete, look back at what happened during this time-frame. How long did the roses take to die? How many died the first day, second and so on? Did some roses bloom very big and others didn’t bloom at all? What day did you start to feel better? How many roses are still alive when you are feeling better? When looking at what happened, you can start to see how the roses worked for you, and how they gave their essence for you. Try this, you will be amazed at how it works!