We all have had times in our lives when we need courage. That extra boost or just a pep talk from a friend to get you going. We even see this in the movies such as the “Wizard of Oz” with the cowardly lion. He had to face his courage too. So how do we go about finding courage to help us on our journey? There are several things you can do to raise your confidence and have the courage to tackle anything!

Here are some things that can raise your courage!

  1. Ask your Angels! – When faced with difficult things, ask your Angels to come in to help you have faith and courage! Remember the Angels cannot step in on your behalf unless YOU ask for them to help! They are always there to assist us with even the smallest problems to more challenging ones!
  2. Talk to a Friend! – Just like asking the Angels to help you on the Spiritual side of things, ask a friend here on Earth! Our friends are here to assist us too but many times we don’t want to bother others with our problems or don’t feel that we can share it with them. When we talk about our issues, this can help to relieve some of the stress that it creates.
  3. Take a Class! – Sometimes we lack the courage to do things because we feel we need more training. Taking a class helps you get the skill set that you might need and boosts your confidence which gives you more courage!
  4. Get Some Rest! – There are times that we don’t feel we have the courage to do something because we lack the energy to do them. If this is the case, take a time out and get some rest. Having a clear mind helps to see things differently and can give you a shift of perspective.
  5. Believe in Self! – When you believe you can do something then the courage automatically comes. Pump yourself up and know that YOU can do it! Try, Try and Try again as things take practice and we eventually learn how to do it!

Finally, when faced with an issue and you lack the courage to move forward, use one of the steps above to get you going! By taking one of these steps above, it can help you to move you on the right track and make you thinking differently. It is when we think differently is when perceptions change and courage can then come!