This month has been bittersweet for me. My business Chicks with Spiritual Gifts (CSG) hit the 5-year mark for being in business, however my mother unexpectedly passed away during this time. I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother; however, I know that she was here to teach me things. I always say that she was one of my greatest teachers, because I wouldn’t have been doing this work as a Medium, if I didn’t experience some of those lessons. Sometimes people teach your things not to do, and that is just as important for the things you need to know. This was the kind of relationship that I had with her. Even though the relationship was this way, I was grateful because I have been able to help many clients, who experience the same issues that I have had. I worked on having closure about my experience with my mother, for many years. This was a hard journey, but it made me stronger as a person. I am grateful that I took this time to work through this because of her unexpected passing, I don’t feel regret. What is interesting was the Universe was trying to prepare me the week before. My mother came into my thoughts, which was not something that I would normally have. I thought about having any unresolved issues with her. During this time, I felt that this was a strange thought, but I just let that thought go. I knew in my heart that I had closure with my mother, and I didn’t have any unresolved issues. A week passed, and I found out that she had passed away. I realized then, that it was the Universe making sure I was prepared and had closure. I can honestly say that I do have closure and have no regrets. My mother’s service is tomorrow, and I have love in my heart for her. The past pain no longer resides, only love appears, which I am so grateful for. So, if you are having an issue with anyone, deal with the issue today and let that go. Being able to have closure feels amazing, but also will help in times like this. Trust me, having peace in your heart makes a world of difference. I am grateful that I worked on having closure, but also having that love back in my heart for her.