As we embark on letting go of this past year and welcoming in 2016, I wanted to reflect on what I have learned this year. With each passing year, we continue to grow and learn new lessons on our Earth school journey. This year I have encountered many lessons, however the biggest lesson I learned this year is making “time” for myself! Time is very important for everyone as it seems to just go quicker each year. When we make time for ourselves it allows us to be filled up so then we will be able to give back to others! This was the lesson I learned, when I give to myself I am able to give back to others! What a powerful lesson! I know this sounds so simple however for me it became a challenge this year. Many of my clients know that I have a day job and I have this business on the side to help people. Also, I read at events and sometimes teach classes so as you can imagine that my schedule is very booked! I always want to be able to assist my clients when they wanted to book an appointment with me. The problem was I didn’t have enough time in the day to assist everyone “plus” myself. So guess what happened? I assisted everyone else but myself! I became tired and worn out and eventually even got sick and lost my voice. The Universe took action and said enough! I lost my voice because I was not taking time for myself and it was very clear! I could not give any messages to anyone as I could not speak, wasn’t that ironic! Sometimes in order for us to understand the lesson it needs to be literally in our faces to receive it! Time was one of my earth lessons this year that I had to experience. I realized how important it was to take time out for me! I also realized that it is okay to tell clients, “I am sorry that I am not available today or tomorrow, if I am booked, “however this is my next available appointment.” The Universe was teaching me this lesson of “giving to myself” and that was a necessity! This allows me to then fill up on me and then I can fill up another person’s cup and more! I realize that this lesson will be something I will continually have to be working on to perfect! As you reflect back on this past year, what lesson did you learn? Have you perfected it yet? If not, no worries, continue to strive to understand the lesson and keep working at it as you will at some point! Happy New Year!