We have all been there when someone is in need. If you are someone like me, you help in any way you can. Being of service, to assist others, is a wonderful thing, however it becomes a hindrance when people start to take advantage of your generosity.  Have you experienced a person asking for help and when they get it they just walk away? Sometimes they don’t even say thank you! Other times they just take it and run and then you don’t hear from them, until they are in need again and come back and ask for more? And then it continues to happen repeatedly! This is when you need to ask yourself the following: Am I giving them a hand up in support? (Think of this as helping another get on their feet and supporting them in this time of need or transition). Or ask this question:  Am I giving them a hand out? (Think of this as an ATM when someone just comes to get something out of a machine, and it doesn’t have to be monetary). Another way to think of this is a hand out is enabling someone to take advantage! When you can discern what scenario is taking place, then you can figure out what to do. If you are truly helping another and giving support, you will know this and have a great feeling in your body that you offered some type of service to another. However, if it is a hand out to someone, this is when you need to start to set boundaries. This is a hard thing for many people to do, however if you don’t set the boundaries they will continue to use the ATM! Also, if you continue to enable them they are not learning their lessons in Earth school and you will eventually take on their karma! No one wants to do other people’s lessons plus their own! So, the next time someone is asking for assistance, decipher if this is a hand up or a hand out. Once you understand the difference between the two, you will be able to assist others easily and not feel like you are being taken advantage of!