We have all heard this quote like this, “give to others, so it can come back to you.” Give. But is there truth to this? For me, I personally believe there is truth in this statement. When you give to others, the Universe will give back to you 10-fold. The reason for this is because you are helping others on their journeys. By giving you are not thinking of oneself, you are thinking of another person. We are all connected or all “One.” What I mean by this is that, if you thought of an ocean, we are all just 1 drop of water which makes up the entire ocean. We are all the same drop and all One. So, if you think of that concept then you can understand, when we give to others, you are also giving back to self! Now, giving doesn’t have to mean always monetary! I want to stress this point. Most people will say, “I don’t have extra money to give to someone because I am barely making it myself.” But who is saying you must only give monetarily? You can help another person by “giving support.” You can listen to someone by “lending an ear.” You can help another person by “mentoring or teaching.” You can cook or bake for another person and “give a meal or cookies.” You can donate clothes and “give” that way. You can pick a flower and “give that flower to someone.” You can send love or healing to someone with “giving with just your words.” These are just a few things of how you can “give” to another. I am sure you can come up with more things that you can do to give too! Giving becomes infectious. When you give, you exude the energy of love to another person. Then this energy makes you feel wonderful!  You will feel good, joyous, kind and will feel this love come back to you.  So, get out there, and give to another! See how you can make a difference and put a smile on another person’s face. Give, this energy of love is what really makes the world a better place.