Today is Friday the 13th and many people consider this to be an unlucky day in the western world. There are many superstitions that go along with this day and this number. Many people cannot choose the number 13 as they consider it a bad omen. Others think of the Friday the 13th movies and the horror of those films. However, the funny thing I think of with the number 13 is, when you enter hotels elevators, have you ever noticed that most will NOT have a 13th floor! Again, this shows you the superstition of it. However, this number used to not be so unlucky! Before the patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess! This was a day to pay homage to the Divine Feminine. This day was to honor in all of us (both male and female) the cycles of creation. The cycle of life from birth to death. Some call it the Venus day because of the femininity of it. This was a day to manifest! A day to bring in the feminine, beauty, and to create and honor this female side. This was a day of celebration, joy and laughter. This is how I view Friday the 13th, a day of beauty and the divine feminine. A day to celebrate the female side. A day of joy, happiness and peace that is how I am going to celebrate this day! Happy Goddess Day!