As I described yesterday, I learned as a child to respect the Ouija Board and not use it as a toy. Here are five rules I suggest following in order to protect oneself:

  1. Your Intention Matters
    I am putting this as the first rule because it really does come down to your intention when using the board. If your intent is coming from a positive nature and you are a using pure white energy, then that is what you will receive. If your intention is negative, then you are inviting negative spirits into your energy field.
  2. Do Not Use the Ouija Board Inside Your Home
    I would suggest not using the Ouija Board in your home. This is a place of serenity and peacefulness. Your home is your personal space and you do not need any excess energy coming in to your environment.
  3. Use with Respect
    As I mentioned earlier, the Ouija Board is not a toy. Instead, it is a tool that helps bring in messages. These messages contain energy that is brought to you and it is real! Having a serious nature when using the Ouija Board indicates to the spirits that your intent is in alignment with a positive nature.
  4. Use White Candles
    I would suggest lighting white candles before starting a session with the Ouija Board. White candles act as a symbol of protection. They also act as purifying or cleansing symbols.
  5. Always Shut Down the Ouija Board
    After every session shut down the Ouija Board by saying goodbye. Ask for the pure white light before you close down, This ensures that you are protected. Remember you are bringing in energy from the messages you are receiving, so you need to end this connection.