I wanted to blog about “fear” today ad I saw a great Instagram picture on this! What is “fear?” Fear is an unpleasant emotion that makes a person be afraid of something or someone. When a person is emitting fear, this lowers your vibration and attracts negative things to you! What is interesting is fear is actually something this is not real! Huh? When we talk about fear spiritually, this can be defined as False Evidence Appearing Real! Basically fear distorts your perception! I always tell clients, what you think is what you get! Again, this is the “Thoughts using the Laws of Attraction.” So if you are fearful of something, you are attracting in what you are afraid of! Fear is not real because in spiritually, it becomes a block to getting what you do want. To demonstrate, if you are fearful of losing your job you are putting out to the Universe that you want to leave this job for another one. So your fear builds, you begin to worry and this creates more negative energy of losing your job. What happens next is you will end of losing your job. Trust me I know this from experience! So how does a person combat the emotion of fear? Here are some ways to let go of fear!

  1. Change Your Thoughts! – When you change your thoughts to positive ones this allows for fear not to enter your reality! When you think good things are happening to me, then good things will come in!
  2. Believe and Have Faith! – When you trust that the Universe has your back, you start to understand that there is no room for fear in your life. Just knowing that everything is alright, raises your vibration which fear cannot exist in since it’s a low vibration!
  3. Visualizing that the Fear is Gone! – When we start to visualize the situation in a positive way then this allows fear to dissipate. This allows for the person to directly tackle the fear head on and shows them the positive outcomes, not the negative ones!
  4. Listen to Yourself! – When you trust yourself, knowing only good things will happen, you are listening to your inner guidance! Think of this like the good and bad angel on your shoulder, which one will you listen too?
  5. Ask Archangel Michael to take the Fear Away!– Call upon Archangel Michael when you are fearful of something or someone. Ask him to come in and take away the fear and fill you up with your own positive loving energy!

Lastly, when we invite fear into our lives, this sets up for lower vibrations and energy to come in. Fear is just a thought that is not real and we need to tackle it head on. When we change the thought process of what we are fearful of to something positive, it washes that fear away. With some of the steps listed above, this can aid you with banishing fear! You have the power to change your journey, all you have to do is let go and know that fear is just a word and not reality!