Are you one of those people that will not try something new because you are afraid that you will fail? Failure is a big fear of many people and it stops them from trying something that they want to achieve. Not only are you trying something new, but you are putting yourself out there on a limb. This can be tough for many, as change can be hard, however I have learned that it is just thinking differently. Changing your perspective on it. If you can think of this is as an adventure, then this will help you to let go of the fear!  Think Disneyland and how exciting this ride is going to be! When you change your thought process, this will help to release the thought of failure and put you in the mindset of this can be FUN! Failure is just something in the mind! Another way to think of this is it is just a LESSON. You are learning something new on this journey! We are all here to learn new things and if you think from this perspective, you can let that thought of failure go. Also, sometimes people also equate failure to “not being perfect or perfectionism. They are afraid to move forward with something because they will be “less than perfect” in one’s mind. Let this go! There is no such thing as “perfect,” again this is in the mindset. Think LESSON! So, what I always tell clients is, if I am going to fail then I want to fail BIG! From my perspective the way I feel is at least I tried it and I learned from it! For me, I get back up and try it again or maybe even in a different way! Again, it is not going to defeat me! To demonstrate this, think of a baby that is trying to walk, this child keeps getting up and falling down! However, this child does not give up and eventually will end up walking! Do this same thing! Keep trying and striving for it! Get rid of the word “failure” in your vocabulary and replace it with lesson. So, the next time you are afraid of failure, what will you do? Try it and learn something new? Or will you just let that pass you by? Remember it’s a choice and it is up to you! Without failure, there is NO success!