I came across a great video from Will Smith where he talks about “fault vs. responsibility.” I felt that this video was so poignant that I wanted to blog about it. In the video he discusses with a friend what the difference is between fault and responsibility. Fault comes about when you are put in a circumstance that it is happening to you, which is not by choice. This could be child abuse, a partner cheated on you, a member of your family has an addiction. This is FAULT, something that you cannot control. Now, on the other hand there is responsibility. When one of these “fault” occurrences happen to you, it is up to you to take “responsibility.” To demonstrate, I came from child abuse, this was not my fault. However, even though this happened to me, IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY to take actions to “Clean up the Trauma” that it caused me! This is what responsibility means!  Taking action to work through physical, emotional, mental issues that it created.  No one is a victim to the circumstance, unless you let it! It is about you taking the responsibility and letting go of “this fault” that did take place. I know there will be some people that said, well I shouldn’t have been there in this circumstance or situation etc. OK, I understand, however we all are here to learn lessons, so this is a lesson, even though it may be a hard one! Ask yourself, “what is this teaching me?” Just know, we all have them and we become stronger because of what you went through.  Remember, to clean up fault is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! So, I empower you and your effort to take responsibility, so what “fault” are you going to work on cleaning up?