It is that time of year again where the leaves are going to be falling on the ground and the crisp air will be coming in. The falling of the leaves is such a beautiful site with all the bright warm colors that it brings. Not only do the leaves provide beauty but they also provide a protective cover for the ground, in places that will bring in snow. The leaves act as a shield to allow the seeds for new grass, flowers, and trees to be insulated during this time. This “change of season” is shedding the old to allow the new to come in for spring. I see this as a joyous time of year as it reminds me of a rebirth that will take place. If you look from the perspective of numerology, the number 10, is really a rebirth month as it represents the number 1 (the zero is dropped). When you see a 1 in numerology it is always a new beginning, the start of a new journey! Another reason I like fall is that it reminds me to connect back in and “ground” with Mother Earth. The warm earth tone colors of the leaves are so vibrant that they get your attention to want to be outside and be in nature! It is like Mother Earth calling you to play outside and enjoy her beauty before winter comes in. This inviting time also brings in Thanksgiving, which by the way, is thanking Mother Earth for all her harvests for the year too! So, get outside and enjoy this wonderful season of falling leaves. Dig your feet in the grass, jump in the leaves, and ground with Mother Earth. You will feel so connected and alive by experiencing this wonderful time of fall!