What is Intuition? The definition of Intuition is defined as acquiring knowledge beyond reason or logic. Some people feel this is their “gut feeling” or just using their “6th sense.” Intuition is considered the language of the soul. People can use their intuition to guide them on their journey of life. This is achieved by the use of the different “Clairs” that one uses in their lives. The clairs consist of: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. I discussed the meanings of these in my blog “The 6 Different Clairs.”

What are the ways we can Enhance our Intuition?

In order to enhance ones intuition, the individual needs to listen to what the soul is trying to communicate. Here are some ways to improve the ability to listen to ones intuition.

  1. Have Fun-Enjoying ones self with laughter and being silly. When an individual is very rigid they cannot hear the signs being brought to them. By releasing the stiffness and becoming loose with laughter this helps to be “light” and also able to hear more signs.
  2. Relax-By taking deep breathes one is able to relax and focus more.
  3. Be in the Present Moment– Look around and notice your surroundings and environment. By taking note of what is around helps to work on your keen senses.
  4. Be Grounded or Centered in ones Body– Taking time to be in nature and putting your feet in the grass and taking care of your “root self.” A “root self” is your primary needs of eating, drinking, safety and home. Also, eating grounding foods such as potatoes and carrots help to ground your body as well.
  5. Take care of Self-Be kind and gentle to your self. Don’t use negative words or things to hurt ones self. Negativity attracts more negativity and blocks your intuition and hinders the positive flow.
  6. Believe-Having faith that you can enhance your intuition! By believing you can empower your self is what you will attract! By being positive attracts positivity!

By using these techniques to enhance your intuition, you will start to see things differently in your world. The use of your intuition will begin to heighten and things will be easier to decipher. Many things that you thought were hard to distinguish will now be so easy to interrupt. Your intuition will not only be strengthen but your life journey will become easier too with another tool to combat it!