When I was a small girl I used to love hanging out around the trees in our yard. There was a big maple tree that I

used to climb up it. The leaves were very green and I would pick them up in the summer. When it was fall, I loved

collecting the different colored leaves that it would shed. Not only did I love this tree but there was also a pretty

white birch tree, as well as, a pine tree that I loved too! I didn’t realized it when I was small but I had a connection

with trees! Does this sound familiar to you?Trees are living and breathing beings that are very much like human

beings! They stand tall, have limbs for arms and have leaves where are hair is. Not to mention that our lungs are

shaped similar to the tree pattern in their roots. It is not surprising that we also call it “our family tree” when

describing our ancestral lineage! Trees can help us to be more aware spiritually. They are used in many cultures for

spiritual healing. Think of all the wonderful gardens that they are in, showing us their beauty and strength.

Sometimes they may provide solace or peace when they are in parks or cemeteries. Or others times they are used as

homes for animals and nature spirits. Trees are just magical beings!

Some other reasons why trees are so important to humans is that they provide us with oxygen and allow for us to

breathe! We use their wood to build houses and things. Trees can provide shelter and warmth and also can help us

ground back to Mother Earth with just a touch of their bark. Other times they can be used as a symbol to represent a

loved one that has passed and it becomes planted in memory of that person. As well as, give us inspiration for art.

Trees also can be very breathtaking when you see them in person. I remember taking a drive in California through

the Redwoods. This is a very beautiful place as there is miles and miles of Redwoods! Looking at these trees made

me be awe of their presence! It felt like they were just giving you many hugs by being around them and enjoying

their essence.

So, the next time you are around trees, think about how they affect you. Will you feel that instant connection with

them as I described? Or will you just enjoy the beauty they provide? No matter what it may be, take a different look

at them to see the wonderful blessings that they offer us each and everyday!