Recently, I saw a wonderful doctor named Dr. Mark Baxter who was referred to me from a client name Nikole. She  told me how she was not feeling up to par, felt tired, was getting grey hair too! She told me that her doctor (natural-path) helped her to solve so many issues she was having by getting to the root of the problem. I knew I had to see this man, however he lived in Las Vegas and I am in Phoenix! Well that didn’t stop him for being able to help me, he did a consultation for me via Skype! He listened to me when I described my symptoms and ailments and ordered blood work based on this information and sent me the paperwork to get it done in Arizona. (I was tired, couldn’t sleep, night sweats, hot or cold, fingers were always cold, feeling constipated or bloated, endometriosis, and my hair was falling out and getting gray!). Anyways what was so interesting when the blood work came back, I was low on iron, iodine, calcium, progesterone, estradiol, and he also noticed I needed to be gluten free! I was blown away on what he discovered as I have gone to many doctors over the years and none of this was revealed. He prescribed all supplements, not pills, to help aid in my deficiencies. I have been using the supplements and maintaining a gluten free diet for the last 2 months now. I have been able to sleep throughout the night and the bags under my eyes are gone! I have had so much more energy each day, which includes me getting up earlier than before! My hair has stopped falling out as it used to before. (I am waiting to see on the gray hair going back to its normal color, as it takes several months to notice this change).  As well as, my stomach is not bloated and not constipation either! I feel like a new person and still cannot believe how I was functioning many years without the supplements each day! So, if you have not been feeling your best and know there is something off, give Dr. Baxter a call. Tell him I referred you to him so that he can get you back up and running too! You will be amazed at what he can figure out but more amazed at how you can start to feel like your old self again!

Dr. Mark Baxter (702) 891-8833